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FlashMediaServer.IT Hosting offers solutions using the best technologies (hardware and software) available today, both in terms of safety and reliability.

Its services are used to transfer hosting streaming content in real time and on-demand, on a variety of platforms and devices in a simple and fast.
Enjoy greater protection of encrypted content with the RTMP protocol and verification of the SWF file and use the experiences of high-quality playback thanks to the adaptive bitrate streaming.

Using the Adobe ® Flash ® Media Server 4.5 and 'can deploy secure, scalable streaming live and on-demand and multi-user real-time communication.
Utilize increased network efficiency with innovative multicast IP and HTTP Dynamic Streaming for superior playback quality. Sara 'can enable playback experiences safe, consistent and interactive on a wide range of platforms and devices.

Thanks to the new Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 and 'can satisfy all kinds of devices including Apple iPad2, iPhone, Android Devices, Samsung TVs, Motorola Xoom and Atrix smartphone ...
The latest release of FMS enables mobile devices to receive the stream flows directly through the connection strings (method called - HLS stands for HTTP Live Streaming) or through the new tag Video - available in HTML5. In this way, the device will connect to the server receiving real-time streaming content live and / or on-demand.

The news is not yet exhausted ....
To transmit your live events will be sufficient to have the free Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder to send a single "master stream" to the Flash Media Server.
From a single station so encoding 'will be prepared and distributed immediately available - at the time by the FMS - all the different formats of streaming:
- RTMP Streaming for Flash Player;
- HTTP Streaming for Flash Player;
- HTTP Streaming for Apple and iPhone OS devices;

For HTTP delivery, Flash Media Server 4 allows streaming live with the possibility to add a DRM (Digital Rights Management) with Adobe Flash ® Access.
You can distribute live streams and on-demand using the integrated HTTP server as a service source, able to use standard HTTP caching and network infrastructure. Made of highly efficient networks with new support for IP multicast, saving bandwidth and network costs within the company.

All that remains is to request more information or to directly test our free Flash Media Server and discover new tencnologia more 'waiting ...

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